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Hand-crafted Velocity Stacks & Turbo Bellmouths

We have recently updated our induction wave calculator for our visitors to use. This updated version will enable you to work out the correct length of the velocity stacks you need by calculating the optimum length of the intake runner, with even greater flexibility. All you do is measure the current runner length and subtract that from the length advised in the induction wave calculator - the bit left over is the length of your velocity stacks. Give it a try, its FREE for all our visitors.

Click Here to go to Induction Wave Calculator aims to be a source of high-quality hand-crafted velocity stacks & turbo bellmouths. By focusing on quality, hand-crafted parts, made exclusively for us, aims to supply only this niche in the independent after-market performance parts industry. Our hand-crafted velocity stacks & turbo bellmouths will be a great addition to your unique creation. Our velocity stacks and turbo bellmouths are unique, hand-crafted creations (no standardized CNC machined lumps of metal here) that will improve the performance, looks and sound of your engine. Our velocity stacks & turbo bellmouths will.

Velocity Stacks
CLICK HERE for your Velocity Stacks

Turbo Bellmouths
CLICK HERE for your Turbo Bellmouths
  • Help your engine make more power;
  • Give you better drive off the line & out of corners & that means greater performance on the track, strip or street.
  • Add a touch of individuality & uniqueness to your machine.
  • Make the induction note of your engine sound amazing - performance & attention grabbing at the same time, what more could you want. also offers you the convenience of:
  • Secure Credit Card ordering, as well as the option of using PayPal.
  • Wholesale bulk ordering discounts available.
  • A custom design and manufacturing service available.
How to Select the Velocity Stacks or Bellmouths that suit your application:
  • FIRST, determine the critical dimensions of your application;
  • The critical dimensions for your velocity stacks or bellmouths are, in most cases, the ID at the carb or throttle body end, the overall length and the OD at the bellmouth.
  • SECOND, make your selection from our velocity stacks or bellmouths, if we have what you require just buy them, but if we don't, contact us via the Custom Service link above;
  • Once you know your critical dimensions, you can simply select from the range of velocity stacks or bellmouths we have in stock, or you can ask if we can make it to suit.
  • It is just that simple!



Velocity Stacks Our Picture Gallery Turbo Bellmouths
Velocity Stacks See Our Picture Gallery Turbo Bellmouths

We have conducted extensive research into product performance in conjunction with our dedicated customers. As a result, we have developed quality velocity stacks & turbo bellmouths that perform under extreme race & street conditions.

Our knowledge, customer service and passion for being the best will make the worldwide leader in the supply of quality hand-crafted velocity stacks & turbo bellmouths. We only supply these products, so we know we are the best source on the net.

Try our fast & cost effective Custom Service, where we will make almost any sized stacks & bellmouths to your unique specifications. And if you sell similar gear to the retail performance parts market, send us an email and we will discuss terms on wholesale lots.

So check out us for all your Velocity Stacks & Turbo Bellmouths before you buy inferior gear!

We can't be beaten on QUALITY and won't be beaten on PRICE!

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