has a complete range of hand-crafted Velocity Stacks and Turbocharger Bellmouths.


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Hand-crafted Turbo Bellmouths

What YOUR Turbo could look like with our Bellmouths
CLICK HERE for a picture of a Bellmouth

Buy your Turbo Bellmouths Here
CLICK HERE to BUY your Bellmouths

There are many reasons for building and owning a high performance car (or boat). For many it is the exhilaration that comes from driving at speed. For others it is the sense of respect that comes from driving a unique machine. And for others, it is all about the competition and the drive to get better performance on the track, strip or street.

At we understand that you are looking for both performance and individuality, which is why we have developed a range of HAND-CRAFTED Turbo Bellmouths. The performance advantages of bellmouths have been well known to race engineers and engine builders for decades. Extensive research suggests that:

  • Bellmouths increase the speed & volume of air flowing into the induction system;

  • This will significantly improve both the amount and atomization of air and fuel in the combustion chamber;

  • Which you will really feel when you crack open the throttle;

  • Experience suggests that the addition of a bellmouth will enhance the torque of an engine through its entire rev range;

  • Which will give you better drive off the line and out of corners and that means greater performance on the track, strip or street;

  • Sure, a bellmouth will improve the performance of your engine;

  • But it will also add a touch of individuality and uniqueness to your machine

  • The rammed air affect of a bellmouth has been shown to improve airflow into the induction system by around 19%

  • But it will also add a touch of individuality and uniqueness to your machine & make the induction note of your engine sound amazing;

  • Attention and Performance grabbing at the same time, what more could you want. turbo bellmouths are unique, hand-crafted creations (no standardized CNC machined lumps of metal here), finished to your exact specifications that will improve the performance, looks and sound of your engine.

They are made by hand, not a computer, which gives them both performance benefits, but also a hand-crafted elegance and uniqueness that a computer cannot produce. If you want both performance and individuality, bellmouths are right for you.

Click on the pictures or links below to see if we have the bellmouths for your engine. If not, contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your need for speed and individuality.

What YOUR Turbo could look like with our Bellmouths
A picture of our Bellmouths

Buy your Turbo Bellmouths Here
BUY your Bellmouths HERE